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I frequently host intimate deep-dive workshops & behind the scenes expert sessions on specific topics to help coaches, course creators, consultants & person brands implement my systems & strategies + share the lessons I’ve learned helping 100s of clients & selling millions online.

Here are a few of my best workshops where you can dive right in & see how effective the systems, strategies, models & frameworks I help my clients implement really are…

How I Engineer 'The Moment' To Make Multi 4 - 5 Figures Per Day By Simply DMing People My Payment Link

This works if you're selling anything from $100 to $50,000 & you want to be able to make simple social media posts & wake up every day to new inbound DMs. Then you can just send the payment link & watch your phone light up again & again.

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How My Tiny Personal Brand Made Me A Millionaire In My Early 30s + My Plan To Leverage It To Become A Deca-Millionaire

WITHOUT sacrificing time with my family, working huge hours, taking on debt or doing anything I don't want to do.

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How My Small YT Channel Has Made Me An Extra $1m+ In My Coaching, Course & Consulting Business

WITHOUT needing fancy equipment, spending hours editing videos, doing complex SEO or going viral. I do the OPPOSITE of what everyone says & it crushes.

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Live Behind The Scenes Workshop:

Copy My Personal Plan For My Consulting Business In The 2nd Half Of 2024...

Every 6 months I do a deep review on my business & update my plan for the upcoming 6 months. I'm pulling back the curtain on everything I'm doing for the rest of 2024 so you can copy it, model it & fast-track your results.

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