How My Small YT Channel Has Made Me An Extra $1m+ In My Coaching, Course & Consulting Business

WITHOUT needing fancy equipment, spending hours editing videos, doing complex SEO or going viral. I do the OPPOSITE of what everyone says & it crushes. 


I have a tiny YouTube Channel with just 6k subscribers. 

Despite this unimpressive size, it has generated over $1m directly & indirectly for my biz. 

What's the old saying? 

It's not the size it's how you use it?

That's definitely the case when it comes to YouTube. 

I know much bigger channels who don't bank 1/10th of what I do. 

I call this my Micro Channel Cash Machine and I break it all down in this workshop. I share: 

How to make the simplest videos EVER & get them to print cash 

Specific videos to create to start growing your channel this WEEK!

How to put your channel on STEROIDS with my Social Laundering Funnel Strategy

How we use YT to close $10k deals in the DMs easier than most people sell $100 products 

And much much more. 

I've told my Inner Circle Clients this is no longer optional. 

You need this in your biz or you can watch the cash flow to your competitors who know this stuff. 


Grab A Seat

All The Details

This is a recording of a deep dive session with me personally into the A - Z strategy to build your micro cash machine channel. 

There's no big pitch at the end (although some of you may decide you want to work with me to implement this). 

This is for anyone who has a personal brand, sells coaching, courses or consulting & wants to bolt on a hyper profitable YT channel without the complexity or having to go viral. 

Grab A Seat
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