The Million Dollar Mind Control (MDMC) Bootcamp

Ever wondered how it's possible to: 

- Turn a tiny social media audience into millions of dollars

- Write simple posts that generate inbound leads who show up with credit card in hand

- Close deals like clockwork (4 & multi 5 figures) without sales calls

- Charge prices well above your competitors & disproportionately high compared to the hours of work required

- Have clients respect your boundaries

- Enforce strict rules in your biz & make people want to buy MORE

- Turn clients into your brands biggest ambassadors who compound your profits for you

- Skyrocket your hourly rate to $1,000+ / hour (if you want to charge by the hour)

This all falls under the art of something that I call MILLION DOLLAR MIND CONTROL (MDMC). 

It's never discussed - any wonder most people's results suffer? 

The few who know it - make millions. 

Those who don't look on & ask - how is that even possible? 

I've never shared this stuff before outside of my $10k - $50k private client groups & 1 to 1 consulting arrangements. 

In this 3 Session Bootcamp, I'll break down the 3 layers of MDMC & teach you how to start applying it in your business today. 

The result? 

Deployed consistently, everything outlined above & more will be in your grasp. 

Outside your business you'll carry yourself with a completely different level of confidence & self belief. 

See you on the inside,


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