Work Directly With Jacob To Build Your Online Coaching or Consulting Business To $50k+ / Month. 

Inside you'll work directly with Jacob to nail your $5k - $50k Signature Offer you can sell with a simple PDF Doc & run in under 5 hours per week, deploy a systematic content cadence to achieve the 'perfect trifecta' brand effect & run 4, 5 & 6 figure buyer extraction campaigns to get paid handsomely while identifying your best prospects to ascend to your signature offer. 


VIP Inner Circle Is For Folks Who Want To Run A Lean Leveraged Consulting Business That Makes $50k+ / Month With:

  • A signature $5k to $50k 'back end' offer they can sell without getting on the phone (we help you build a PDF sales asset) & deliver in under 5 hours per week
  • High ticket continuity to get paid 4 figures / client / month inside your Signature Offer (start each month with $10k - $50k+ locked in)
  • A simple & systematic content cadence to grow your brand, build your reputation & pre-sell your audience on your signature offer
  • Strategic 'buyer extraction' campaigns to generate fast cash influxes while identifying your best prospects to ascend to your signature offer
  • Keeping everything simple, implementing methodically & having fun in the process. 

This Is How VIP Inner Circle Works:

  • Within 3 to 7 days of joining you'll jump on a private 1 to 1 'Fast Start' call with Jacob to map your signature 'no call' offer, content plan & campaign schedule
  • You'll get access to JC's Million Dollar Monetization Playbook with all the ins & outs of building your signature offer, creating powerful content + swipe & deploy buyer extraction campaigns
  • You'll join the small mastermind community JC & other 6, 7 & 8 figure brands & businesses. You can ask Jacob (or other members) questions in here 24/7 & get a prompt guidance so you can keep moving forward
  • You'll be added to the private chat with other Inner Circle Members to stay up to date with everything happening - new trainings, special guests, live experiments etc
  • Each week you'll meet with Jacob & the other members to share wins, do a deep dive on brand monetization strategies & work through any challenges you're facing
  • You'll work with Jacob through the program for the year to hit your goals (many folks renew for 2 & 3+ years to receive ongoing guidance, support & strategy)

What's Included With VIP Inner Circle:

  • 1 to 1 Fast Start Kick Off Call With Jacob
  • JC's Million Dollar Monetization Playbook (Responsible for $3m+ in Sales)
  • Private Inner Circle Vault with Instant ROI Hub & Call Catalog Back To July 2021
  • Private FB Community
  • Weekly Zoom Calls with Jacob & Other Members
  • Private Inner Circle Chat
  • Caris Digital DFY Template & Resource Vault (My Business Open To You)
  • JC's Millionaire Leaders Network
  • JC's Personal Service Provider Rolodex
  • All Resources, Guidance & Strategic Training You Need To Hit Your Goals And Bank An Extra $100k - $1M+ / Year From Your Personal Brand With Highly Leveraged Digital Offers

How To Get Started

If you want your own Signature Offer you can run in under 5 hours per week, while stacking high ticket continuity & selling without getting on the phone using a simple PDF doc...

You want your brand growing every day, your market reputation compounding & people coming to you ready to invest to work with you...

You want to swipe & deploy my best buyer extraction campaigns to earn chunky pay days & get paid to find your best prospects for your Signature Offer...

Click the button below & fill out a quick application. Our team will review it & get in touch with next steps. 

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